New story in the Chronicle Worlds: Feyland anthology

USA Today best-selling urban fantasy author Anthea Sharp  accepted my story “The Skeptic” for inclusion in the Chronicle Worlds: Feyland anthology. This is the premise:

What if a high-tech computer game was actually a gateway to the Realm of Faerie?

Chronicle Worlds: Feyland will be published as an ebook on June 30.

There will be a  launch party on Facebook from July 14 through July 16. All the authors will be a part of it. My two giveaways are going to be good, especially one of them.

Your swag is here: July 14-16

What is Chronicle Worlds?

Chronicle Worlds is a sibling series to The Future Chronicles, under the good guidance of series editor Samuel Peralta. The Future Chronicles is a best-selling science fiction/spec fiction anthology series. Chronicle Worlds will feature stories taking place in the world already created by an author.


Future chronicles

Coming Attractions

Louisa Locke and Cheri Lasota acceped my story “Happiness” for the Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi anthology.  Paradisi Worlds is an open-source project involving dozens of authors. Seven books have already been published.



A third story, “Mud, Straw, and Insults,” is a contender for inclusion in a third Future Worlds anthology based on Halfway Home by Hugh Howey. I am hopeful, if only because it has my favorite title of the three. And if anybody knows, WITHOUT GOOGLING, where that title came from,  I am prepared to be very, very impressed.


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