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Story will be in major anthology series

USA Today best-selling urban fantasy author Anthea Sharp just greenlighted my story “The Skeptic” for inclusion in the Chronicle Worlds: Feyland anthology.
Chronicle Worlds is a sibling series to The Future Chronicles, under the good guidance of series editor Samuel Peralta.

Future chronicles

The Future Chronicles is a best-selling science fiction/spec fiction anthology series. Chronicle Worlds will feature stories taking place in the world already created by an author. “The Skeptic” takes place in Anthea Sharp’s Feyland.  This is the premise:

“What if a high-tech computer game was actually a gateway to the Realm of Faerie?”

It was such a kick hanging out in Feyland.  I may have found out something about myself: I am a natural fairy-tale teller.

Release is a few months away, but you will hear about it. Believe me, you will.

Feyland 1

New Sun Rising: Ten Stories

New Sun Rising is magical realism for the internet age.  In the world of these stories, ghosts coexist with mobiles, witches with e-beasts. The stories are told from multiple points of view, including the points of view of the e-beasts and the witches, who are rather nice people.

All the stories to do with Kedzie Greer, a girl who looks beyond the walls of her perfect community in search for more. The year is 2199. The place is the Reunited States.

Kedzie’s perfect community, which is more than 300 years old, is next to a lake. That lake is the first thing described in the first story:

Star Lake is as it has always been: restless, beautiful, and bewitching. I believe it is the source of our town’s various spiritualities. The veil between this world and other dimensions is very thin here. Very thin. For all we know, our lake is a gateway through which unseen beings pass back and forth. I—who have no coherent religion—become mystical when I see the water. We all do.

—From “The Town With Four Names”

Chautauqua lake


Here’s a new good way to try before you buy: a podcast of the first few pages of story 2, “Leaving Home.”

“Leaving Home” from New Sun Rising: Ten Stories

These podcasts are read by Simon Denman, who in addition to being a teriffic reader runs the excellent UK site Readers in the Know.

Readers in the Know logo

New Sun Rising is available from these retailers:

Amazon | Amazon UK | iTunes | Nook | Kobo

New Sun Rising: Two Stories

New Sun Rising: Two Stories includes the first two stories. They introduce the utopian community and the main plot, respectively.  Two Stories is FREE on all platforms.

Amazon | Amazon UK | iTunes | Nook | Kobo

Story 1, “The Town With Four Names,”  describes the idyllic lakeside village in which sixteen-year-old Kedzie Greer was raised.

Story 2, “Leaving Home,” is about Kedzie’s decision to seek a life outside the town gates.


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