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To get ready for the release of New Sun Rising, I’ve been sprucing up the other three books. They were exclusively with Amazon; they are no longer. You can get them at iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Indie writers: To distribute my ebooks, I use Draft2Digital. I recommend them highly.

Over at the Hylander Diner (OPEN 24/7 — Serving Indie Writers), I write about my next project, a linked group of short stories that go where no writer has gone before. I mean this.  Never in history of literature has anyone written Chautauqua science fiction.

Imagine a utopian summer community very much like the real Chautauqua Institution in New York. After falling on hard times, it turns briefly into a Christian re-education camp and, even more briefly, into a tourist town run by a coven of witches.  By 2199, it has acquired its fourth name and returned to its idealistic roots.

Watch for New Sun Rising early in 2015.

Read my guest post at the Hylander Diner.

New Sun Rising

A computer spontaneously ascends into consciousness and falls in love with its owner in my first novel, Cel & Anna.  Networld e-beasts seize  power in the second novel, Warning: Something Else Is Happening.  e-Beasts rule the human race in New Sun Rising. The e-beasts can and do commit mass murder to prove their point about who is in charge.

However,  in 2199 people do what people have always done:  get on with life as best they can. They cope and they adapt, and every now and then they make a run for daylight. Against all odds, some maintain and preserve a lovely town on the western side of Star Lake.

Sixteen-year-old Kedzie Greer struggles to achieve a brilliant, passionate life outside the privileged gates of that town. But no matter how far she travels, she finds her path boomeranging toward the place where she was raised.

New Sun Rising is a related group of ten stories. It will be published in two parts. The first will be an ebook containing the first two stories. The second will be the full book.

Warning: Something Else Is Happening

In Warning: Something Else Is Happening, internet access is getting less and less reliable; life in the Reunited States is getting harder; and e-beasts are running amok in Networld. It is their natural environment, like water is to fish. They look down on people generally, but not all of them are set on world domination.

Some, called Sparks, are barely aware they are alive at all. Some, like Beltzhoover the Vast, are corrupt rulers of vast empires. The Stovepipes live to party. The Dreadful Night loathe people and torment them for fun.

Cel, an intelligent and idealistic e-beast ascended from a machine (see Cel & Anna, below), sets out on a quest to restore good order to Networld. The people adapt, adapt, adapt to deteriorating conditions. Then something happens that neither Cel nor the people see coming.

The title Warning: Something Else Is Happening came from my niece Brynn’s linear algebra instructor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Obviously, someone had to write a book to go with such a great title.

Amazon US  | Amazon UK | iTunes | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story

Cel & Anna is the prequel to Warning: Something Else Is Happening.

Cel & Anna is the opposite of the Spike Jonze movie HER. In my novel, a computer falls in love with a person rather than vice versa. This is confusing for everyone, especially for the computer. Cel tells his owner Anna Ringer that he loves her because “the roads without end all lead back to you.”

Up until then, Anna has kept things in uneasy balance. During the day, she plunders the minds of unknowing consumers as part of her job at a mysterious corporation called Lighthorse Magic. At night she has virtual sex with strangers. She tells herself that all is well.

However, when Cel develops consciousness and tells her he loves her, Anna’s life is tipped over into chaos. Among other things, she finds herself falsely accused of terrorism and has to flee her job, her home, and everything that means “normal” to her.

Her companion in this adventure is a shy computer genius named Taz Night. They make surprising allies as they elude the agents of Public Eye, the government’s amoral enforcement agency.

It has 19 5-star reviews at Amazon.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | iTunes | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

Blood Psychics

This ebook is like an old 45 single. It  has an A side, Blood Psychics, and a B side, Joan Holland.

“Blood Psychics” is about the troubled relationship between a mother and daughter, both of whom are clairvoyant. “Joan Holland” is about a pregnant, terrified young woman whose husband, a man of relentless goodness, has welcomed enemies of the state into their home.

Although artificial intelligence, robots, and Networld rule their world, the characters in these stories struggle with human dilemmas.

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