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I write fairy tales for the internet age because I love fairy tales and because the internet is a portal to the wildest, most imaginative place on earth.

Alice found another world down a rabbit hole. The Pevensie children found Narnia by opening the door of a wardrobe. We log on to enter the magic space.

And what we’ve seen is nothing compared with what’s coming.

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Sources for the quotes range from Albert Einstein to Audrey Hepburn, and there’s a passing mention of Monty Python.

The booklet was designed by T. O. Weller, owner of the excellent website Never Too Late to Write. 

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Where you will see things such as:

  • Eight posts about my experiences working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  The Artist’s Way.
  • Seven posts about utopias, real and imagined. Utopia Dreaming.
  • From Print to Screen, a series of posts about movie adaptations of books. From Print to Screen.
  • The most popular post I ever wrote, which had nothing to do with movies, utopias, or art, though it may relate to the meaning of life in its own way. This post is titled Shopping at Ruthfred (Where?)


Shopping at Ruthfred (where?)








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