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Over at the Hylander Diner (OPEN 24/7 — Serving Indie Writers ), I write about my next project, a linked group of short stories that go where no writer has gone before. I mean this.  Never in history of literature has anyone written Chautauqua science fiction.

Imagine a utopian summer community very much like the real Chautauqua Institution in New York. It was destroyed, rose again under a new name, rose AGAIN under another new name, and in 2199 is a rather interesting place.

Watch for New Sun Rising early in 2015.

Read my guest post at the Hylander Diner.

New Sun Rising and its Siblings

A computer spontaneously ascends into consciousness and falls in love with its owner in Cel & Anna.  Networld e-beasts seize  power in Warning: Something Else Is Happening.  They rule the human race in New Sun Rising.

By 2199 the Reunited States is run by e-beasts through a cabal of puppet governors. The e-beasts can and do commit mass murder to prove their point about who is in charge. Rich or poor, good citizens work all the time. The environment is deteriorating.

In these times,  people do what people have always done:  get on with life as best they can. They cope and they adapt, and every now and then they make a run for daylight. Against all odds, some preserve and maintain a tiny utopian community, Green Town, which is allowed to exist because no one in power takes it seriously.

New Sun Rising

Kedzie Greer, a sixteen-year-old girl from Green Town, struggles to achieve a brilliant, passionate life outside those privileged gates. She succeeds, but not in the way she imagined.

New Sun Rising is a related group of ten stories. The first two stories will be released in advance of the  book. Story 1 is about the utopian community, as seen through the  eyes of an elderly woman whose ancestor founded the town back in the 1870s. Called “The Town with Three Names,” it will be released with a companion story, “Is Four Enough? Is Six Too Many.”

Blood Psychics

This ebook is like an old 45 single. It  has an A side, Blood Psychics, and a B side, Joan Holland. You will see no reference to Joan Holland on the cover, but it is there.

It is is the odd book out. Although set in the same time period as the other three, it is not concerned with human-machine interactions.

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Warning: Something Else Is Happening

Warning: Something Else Is Happening is basically about how e-beasts come to rule the world from inside Deep Networld.

Its name came from my niece Brynn’s linear algebra instructor at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Obviously, someone had to write a book to go with such a great title.

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Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story

Cel & Anna is the prequel to Warning: Something Else Is Happening.

Cel & Anna is the opposite of the Spike Jonze movie HER. In my novel, a computer falls in love with a person rather than vice versa. This is confusing for everyone, especially for the computer. Cel tells his owner Anna that he loves her because “the roads without end all lead back to you.”

The setting is the Reunited States, a place uneasily held together.

It has 19 5-star reviews at Amazon.

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